The Well Read Child Book Fair was founded by self-published children's book author, Toni R. Settles who wanted to give self-published authors an opportunity to showcase their books in schools.

Born from the idea that children need to be able to see themselves in the books they read; the Well Read Child book fair is an initiative to expose students to  books that reflect the true diversity of our nation and world.

Children from diverse backgrounds are now a majority of all public school students and will soon be a majority of all children in America. Yet the publishing industry have failed to keep up with the rainbow of our children’s faces and cultures and needs.

The Well Read Child book fair is the solution, and has partnered with dozens of authors and illustrators to get amazing books in the hands of students across America.

The Well Read Child Book Fair believes in partnering with schools and organizations in disenfranchised communities, 20% off all sale proceeds is donating back to the host organization to fund critical needs.