Children’s Affirmations is a unique children’s book that helps to instill truthful affirmations within children causing them to build mental toughness while developing a healthy self-image. It starts with beautiful affirmation chants that show children using hand motions and reciting the chant. The book has pictures of the hand motions which allows children to visually see how to exert energy while they voice the chants which make the experience more fun and engaging. Because of the colorful images and the large words on the page, the children will enjoy saying the chant and reading the book on their own – over and over again! However, it is not just a book for kids; it is also a book for parents. “Children’s Affirmations” has a parent component that can assist parents in having a sense of awareness when speaking and encouraging their children. The component includes definitions, questions, stories, as well as parenting tips to help make each affirmation concept come alive to the child. Ultimately, it combines affirming chants with techniques that parents can use to encourage their children to have a positive mindset. With its beautiful illustrations of children’s movements and use of the affirmation chant, it gets kids excited about being the best version of themselves. 

Children's Affirmations by Karmin Armstrong-Andrews


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