Dreaming of the Letter A, the first in The Princess and the Partner Alphabet

Series, is a tale of imagination, dreams, learning and family togetherness.
Each night, Daddy’s Little Princess and Daddy’s Little Partner go to sleep
and enjoy wonderful dreams, and each morning they wake to a father
that is as eager to hear about those dreams as they are to share them. The common threads in all of these dreams are fun and the letter A!

This book is a great story that you can read over-and-over to your kids,
or better yet, with your kids. For younger kids, it’s great for reinforcing
grammar, the alphabet, rhyming words and the days of the week. And
for kids of all ages it promotes family togetherness, communication,
imagination and the joys of reading. Written for kids, by kids, and inspired
by the lives of its authors, Dreaming of the Letter A is not just a book; it’s
a tool for bringing you closer to the little ones you love the most.

Dreaming of the Letter A by Dion Johnson