Lexi is a book about a little girl named Lexi who is very proud of her dad, he is a US Soldier. Lexi is a true daddy's girl and loves spending time with her dad. They have tea parties and go to the local candy store; her most favorite thing to do is sit on his lap as he reads to her. Lexi learns that her dad must deploy; the last time he deployed, she was much younger and does not remember. This time she is older and fully understands. As the family prepares for his deployment, they discuss all the ways they will remain in touch. As a military family for over 31 years, Florenza and her family are quite familiar with the process; it is never easy. After her dad leaves, Lexi's mom receives a call that her dad will return early. Her mom also informs her that her daddy was hurt while deployed and will return home (physically) differently than he left home. Lexi doesn't understand what "differently" means, she is just happy he is returning. This book covers a subject that sadly far too many military families are experiencing, it does so through the perspective of the child thus highlighting that military children are first and foremost very resilient. Furthermore, as children, they do not see crutches, canes, prosthetics, or wheelchairs; they see mommy and daddy. To ensure the book allows for open and honest dialogue, the back of the book contains questions and answers as well as points to ponder by Dr. Endora Crawford, Clinical Psychologist who specializes in trauma recovery. Florenza wrote Lexi as well as the others in this series as a way of giving a new voice to the military family experience. As a military spouse and mother of two, the military lifestyle was and (as retirees) continues to be a wonderful experience. It is not without its challenges, it is because of these challenges these books were written. Although written about the military experience, Lexi is an enjoyable read for all families. Lexi is intended for readers ages 6 - 8.

Welcome Home Daddy, Love Lexi